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Wine was brought to Australia by the early European settlers in the late 18th Century.  Within 50 years the first wines of Australia were being produced and sent back to Europe.  James Busby often referred to as the father of Australian Wine Industry was a renowned viticulturist.  During the early 1830's James Busby toured the wine regions of France and Spain collecting vine stock of many grape varietals.  These original grape vine stocks were transferred to Australia and New Zealand by Busby, who became a "British Resident" of the territory.  James Busby was an accomplished writer with works including

Australian's have been making wine seriously since the mid-1850's even competing in French wine competitions.  Australian wines often scored highly in the competitions, but were always snubbed by the French when the growing region was revealed.  However, gold medals were often won by Australian wines against French, Spanish, and Italian wineries.

Australia survived most of the phylloxera problems that plagued the wine world in the late 1800's.  Only the province of Victoria suffered heavy losses before American root stock could be used to stop the vine disease.

Australia's landmass is almost 3 million square miles making it almost as large as the continental United States.  Australia's primary wine grapes are Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Savignon.  Australia contains more than 1,100 wineries in 26 different wine regions.

Australian wine history is rich in and exciting as the millions of people who live there today.  It is one of the largest producers and exporters of wine in the world.  Australian wines are respected the world over as some of the finest produced.

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